Potluck Candy Party

candy potluckIf you love candy, put a little twist on the traditional potluck and invite your friends to bring some candy to your next get together. Potlucks are a great way to spend time with friends while getting to eat the treats each guest brought. Because both candy and dessert can be very versatile, you can have a wide array of treats to accommodate everyone’s unique taste.

Just like any other potluck, good planning and coordination can help maximize variety in the types of candies and desserts that people bring. While chocolate is amazing, you wouldn’t want just chocolate desserts at a candy potluck. There are many various candy types, such as taffy, gummy, licorice and much more! Take your guests down memory lane by making your potluck feel like their favorite childhood candy store.

Incorporating a broad theme to the potluck candy party can also be a creative way to tie in all the different candies together.

Even something as simple as coordinating one theme color or shape can make your candy potluck look even more appealing, not to mention it’ll be a very cute photo op. As another theme, you can ask your guests to bring their favorite childhood candy, which will make it even more fun to share what each person brings.

candy potluck vintage

The main dish is traditionally covered by the host but because this is a candy potluck, you can be creative with how you want to present a “main dish.” Some fun ideas can be baking a large sharable dessert, such as cake or brownies, or presenting guests with a piñata filled with candy you don’t expect guests to bring, such as limited edition candies or foreign candies. A piñata is also a fun, interactive way to get party guests excited for the main dish.

To top off the night, offer everyone little favors or goodie bags so they can fill up on the leftover candy to take home and save for later or give to someone else. Everyone loves a party favor, especially if it’s filled with candy!

candy potluck gift bags

What other candy potluck ideas would you include? Please share in the comments below or tweet it to me @SwtnessnDelight. Happy party planning!